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Indianapolis HMOs

Before you sign up for an HMO, find out:

  • How long does it take to see a specialist?
  • Can you self refer to a specialist?
  • How many doctors are in their network?
  • Are the physicians on the list group and private practice?
  • Which of the doctors are accepting new patients?
  • Is it easy to change primary care physicians?
  • Is the appointment setting quick?
  • What medical services are covered?
  • What happens if one of the services I need isn't covered by the plan?
If you are healthy and not on expensive prescription meds, we recommend eHealthInsurance. Not only to they offer free instant quotes, but you can buy online over their secure site. They are only of the largest players in online health insurance. The only drawback, the application process takes about 10 minutes. But there are not a lead service looking to pimp your info to as many brokers as possible.

HMOs operating in Indiana:

HMO Name Years In Business % Provider Turnover #Doctors Board Certified
ADVANTAGE 2.7 1% 886
Aetna Health IL 10 15.2%2584
Aetna Health OH 20 6%4339
Anthem BC/BS 20 13%1640
Arnett Health 17 8.3%105
CIGNA HC IL 16.57 6%2762
CIGNA HC IN 16.33 5.6%1445
Humana Health KY 16 4.4%636
Humana Health OH 24 3.9%2561
IU Health Plan 6 14.3%103
M-Plan 14 4.4%1242
One Health IN 5 13.4%1146
Physicians Health 19 4.9%373
SE Indiana Health 15 3%NR
UNICARE Health 10 6.2%NR
United HC IL N/R N/RNR
United HC KY N/R N/RNR
Welborn Health 16 9.2%NR

If you are sick in Indiana, read our uninsurable alternatives page.